Thursday, June 3, 2010

When War Ceases to be Fought Against Armies.

Jennifer III has an excellent article about the growing shift in international defense systems in a world that becomes increasingly interdependent and increasingly unstable. Once the only fear the nations of the world had was that they might be invaded by another nation, but today the major concern playing out on the geopolitical stage is that nations themselves might simply cease to be viable, lose legitimacy, obedience, respect, and the support they require to exist. Around the world, the boogieman of historical national rivalries, for which every nation must be militarily prepared to defend themselves against, are being replaced with a new boogieman, a new target, the real threat. The people.

The wars of the future will not be fought against armies of different flags, they will be fought, desperately, against people, ideas, and systems. We have seen it before, from reconstruction to the civil rights movement through the 70's to the two concurrent wars currently being waged by the US Commander in (Nobel) Peace, but we can only expect such a trend to continue, and expand. As Tomas Ries pointed out in a 2009 ISS paper on the future ambitions of an EU military, the number one threat to EU stability is growing intrasocietal tensions between the global wealthy and the problems of the poor.

"Technology is shrinking the world into a global village, but it is a global village on the verge of revolution"

I applaud Jennifer III for the clarity with which she explains whats going on, today, and what you should know about it.

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