Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here We Go Again...

The city said in a news release that those not on their property after the mandatory evacuation started would be subject to arrest.

On what charges, exactly?

Despite the stern warnings from Nagin and others, the expected arrival of 2,000 National Guard troops suggested officials were expecting stragglers.

Luckily, the area residents trust that the Government knows whats best for them and will protect them.


Mike Mayer, owner of Jefferson Indoor Range and Gun Outlet in suburban Metairie, said sales of guns and ammunition were up.

"My business doubled," he said. "People are afraid of coming back after the storm. ... They want some protection when they walk back in."

Good grief.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Selling Out The American Way

The US, after funding the Chinese research on exactly the best way to run a totalitarian police surveillance state are now ready to spread this new vision of democracy inaction to a myriad of fledgling authoritarian states.

Our newest customer is none other than Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, a leader we hear constantly decried in the media as a military dictator, heavy handed and oppressive, with goals of exploitation and domination. Earlier in the year, following a US backed invasion and glitter show into Ecuador with the intent to cripple revolutionary militant group FARC, (and get some war on terror face time for our presidential candidates) most of the beltway was ready to label Venezuela as a so called "Terrorist State", which would have required (not recomended) a total embargo and possible blockade of the south american country. It is likely if it wasnt for our own hunger for Venezuelan oil, we would have gone that route and heightened already high tensions in the Américas.

Now, as a memo leaked last month shows, we are more than happy to provide them with millions of dollars of opressive technology, to ensure that their power over their own people remains stable and iron fisted. God forbid we allow the scales of world power to tip towards self determination, no matter what the alternatives might be. Why, freedom might spread like wildfire, to any number of US backed bannana republics in South America and around the World.

Years of CIA covertly created puppet states would be at risk...

The memo shows a sale agreement for millions worth of telephone tapping and other surveillance equipment to the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez. The multi-million dollar quotation, addressed to the Venezuelan Director General of Military Intelligence has been verified with military sources. The shipment includes bulk mobile telephone interceptors, satellite telephone interception stations, direction finding trucks, micro-sized video spy cameras, and hundreds of other billable items including training for Venezuelan intelligence officers at the defense contractor's compound in Miami, Florida.

The contractor, Phoenix Worldwide Industries, briefly describes itself on its public website (which lists only its law-enforcement, not intelligence services) as follows:
"Although Phoenix Worldwide Industries has been in business for many years, until now, we've kept ourselves a secret to meet the classified data requirements of the U.S. government intelligence, investigative, and enforcement agencies that have been our principal clients.

Phoenix appears not to have even had a public website until 2006. As the contractor's offer to the Chavez government was made prior to this date, its hiding from the public, but not from foreign governments, hints that the company was fearful exposure of its activities could result in a tightening of export controls or a reduction in domestic surveillance programs. The willingness of the contractor to export to Venezuela also suggests that regimes more sympathetic to the United States may have received advanced surveillance technology, as we strive to create a global police state. Export familiarity is revealed by three transportation recommendations in the Chavez quotation:

Transportation Method No. 1: Commercially available air transport via 747 Combi direct flight from Miami to Caracas, Venezuela via the U. S. State Department Security Impound at Miami International Airport - Phoenix will deliver the ordered items to Miami International Airport at no charge to the Venezuelan Government.
Transportation Method No. 2: Contract Transportation with the U. S. Air Force (MAC) Military Airlift Command (Phoenix has the availability of Homestead Air Force Base which is four (4) miles from its Manufacturing Plant No. 4). Phoenix will deliver the ordered items to Homestead Air Force Base at no charge to the Venezuelan Government.
Transportation Method No. 3: Transportation with the Venezuelan Air Force Military Airlift Command (Phoenix has the availability of Homestead Air Force Base which is four (4) miles from its Manufacturing Plant No. 4). Phoenix will deliver the ordered items to Homestead Air Force Base at no charge to the Venezuelan Government.
You can read the Agreement here:

This is the man Barack Obama labels as a dangerous demagogue, stating:
"Demagogues like Hugo Chavez have stepped into this vacuum of a failed US Latin America policy. His predictable yet perilous mix of anti-American rhetoric, authoritarian government, and checkbook diplomacy offers the same false promise as the tried and failed ideologies of the past."

Well that sounds like something Barack should know about, right? Though in all fairness i guess all politicians must be familiar with the concept of false promises. Promises like a right to and a responsibility to spread freedom, Democracy, Truth, Justice, and the American Way.
Theres a video on google about why the last Superman movie dropped the last part of Superman's famous slogan, "For Truth, Justice, and the American Way." In it the actor tries to say that the phrase was dropped because superman belongs to the world, and not just the United States, that the American ideals on which superman was based have grown and spread around the world, but the fact is, and the real reason it was removed was that we have let down the world and seem to have grown imperially past those ideals, and to most of the world, it would be shocking to see those three concepts in one sentence.

This is something we must change, if not for the world, for ourselves, if not for ourselves, for our children.

There must be a new American Hero.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Call the Police, Get Sued.

We will file this in the post-Gonzales - "Protect and Serve" file
"Three deputies and a police dog also were hit in the firefight that morning; all survived.

The bloody date was June 5, 2007. Karen Mies, staggering under the news that her son had murdered her husband, told a family friend she was grateful for one thing: The wounded deputies were alive.

One year later to the day, two of the deputies filed a civil lawsuit against the widow and the estate of her deceased husband, Arthur, and her son. Officers Jon Yaws and Greg Murphy – both recovered and back at work – each is suing the Mies family for $4 million for emotional distress, medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, and punitive damages."
(Sacramento Bee)

Get this: that woman's son was thirty-four years old when he went on his little spree.

Go to that Bee page, where you'll get a look at the two heroes, those guardians on the Thin Blue Line, these guise. It is curious to note that of the three deputies wounded in this episode, the only one with balls is the female. Melissa Meekma declined any part in the suit.

Jon Yaws and Greg Murphy are disgusting specimens, but this doesn't surprise me: the nature of the work is what attracts individuals like this now. There is nothing absurd in considering "law enforcement" as just another pseudopodical extension of the welfare state. It's a great way to keep motherfuckers employed, and -- after all -- who complained when The Lying Bastard of The Ozark Long March ran that Hundred-Thousand More Cops On The Street gag?


Whether you see it that way or not, it's clear that a lot of them see it as a make-work program. More and more, the average cop's authentic devotion to rational principles of policing run to the level of your average pimple-face down at the local burger stand. "Would you like some TASER with that order?" Witness the constant pleas that they should go home safe to their wives and kiddies at the end of the long day of violent Fourth Amendment erasures, dog-murders, evidence fabrications, perjuries, witness intimidations, summary thuggeries on the street, Third Reich roadblocks, media preenings, and coffee-shop hold-ups. It's the hard lot of the self-styled Protectors On The Wall, these proud men whose only reward is the safety of the weak and the prevalence of Right.


These rotten bastards should get their millions and then each fall off their fishing-boats all alone so no one ever hears them screaming.

From, i had to share.

Georgia On My Mind.

I admit, i haven't really been paying much attention to the news, at least not as much as i should be. Ive been spending a great deal of time thinking about more personal issues. Preparedness, food, diet, fitness, family, finances, you know, those things that all the TV and Internet in the world rarely ever touch upon.

But this morning, i wanted to know about the situation in Georgia, a situation i watched very closely in its first few days, as Georgia intentionaly attacked a sovereign province and provoked a military force nearly 300 times the size of its own. I watched as marionettes from the US state department were paraded out to decry the "Imperial Intentions" of Russia, and laughed as presidential candidates proclaimed that "In the 21st Century, nations dont invade eachother" I watched as US planes evacuated Georgian troops from their battleground training and joint operations in Iraq, and as half of the 300 senior US military trainers who were working with Georgian forces slipped out of Georgia in the middle of the night, only to be replaced a few days later with C17's filled with US troops. I wondered what these fools intended to do in what increasing looked like either the start of a new cold war, or the first steps of creating a new hot one. And then, for a few days, i just decided not to worry about it.

Today, though. I wondered if talk of WWIII had cooled a bit, if rational men, and cooler heads, had by some good fortune prevailed. I admit, i even felt a bit concerned, guilty, for not showing more concern for the world i live in. like i said i had other things on my mind, things closer to home.

So, i fired up the old internet and pumped through the newsfeeds, looking for some sign of where we are now, only to find stories in The Telegraph of Russian commanders foaming at the mouth as ill kept Ossetian Militamen rob old women and brag that they would kill journalists. Talk of "Russian Lies" abounded in the press, but i had wonder who was really lying when things like facts cant be found in the articles of people who call themselves "Members of the Press." International Herald Tribune has a story picked up by AP (or vice versa) that claims "Russia's intervention in Georgia draws on a long history of empire that goes back not just to the Communist era, but much further, to its Czarist past." and paints a picture of a cold and insecure russia that is threatened by the very existence of independent nations, and will seek to destroy them. News, i was looking for, and found none. It seems the majority of the press wants us to beleive that Ivan the Terrible is alive and well.

So, in the end, im not sure exactly what is happening there. The Russians have drawn back to defensive positions and are agressively monitoring the Ossetian border, but the details beyond that are sketchy. No mention is made of the hundreds (or more, by now) US troops who find themselves in a war zone. Its hard to say exactly where this is going, but i can tell you one thing. All government power is still derived, as always from the consent of the governed, and long before the United States government would admit to pushing for a war in Caucasia, it would need some form of consent, as it did in the last two "21st century" invasions mr. McCain forgot about. If there is anything, in the view of Government, the press is good for, it is Manufacturing Consent.

as a wise man once said: "First comes smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire"

And they are lying to you. They always do, but the question we have to ask is why?

Something smells rotten. If we cant know what is happening now, our only hope is to look at what has happened, if you cannot see the future, you had best study history, and today, it seems the only honest writer in the press may be Ian Bell, who wrote the following.

LET'S RUN through this again. Vladimir Putin is not a nice man. The KGB, with whom the young Vlad earned his reputation as a people person, was not Russia's answer to the Rotary Club. As a direct consequence, Russian traditions of democracy remain wafer thin, a cracked veneer that fails utterly to conceal thuggery, rigged votes, oligarchic mafias, corruption, and the corpses of journalists. Are we clear?

Russia's current identity is composed, meanwhile, of a volatile mixture of intense nationalism and paranoia. Its rulers, whatever their labels, take it as read that their country exists under permanent threat of encirclement by its enemies. Now, here's the tricky part: there is nothing currently to suggest that they are mistaken. Intense nationalists of a different stripe, feed the paranoia of the intense nationalists in Moscow. [an old adage states: "You arent paranoid, if they are trying to kill you"]

This is not, of course, the story we have been hearing. When the United States − having shredded the anti-ballistic missile treaty that gave nuclear deterrence its single justification − bribes Poland into housing rockets pointed at the Russians, we hear only of a "shield". When Georgia launches smaller rockets at a South Ossetian town, in defiance of all the humanitarian rules, we hear only that a freedom-loving but "provoked" Georgian leader has stepped into a cunning Russian trap.

It may be, of course, that Georgia's President Saakashvili committed just such an act of astonishing, inexplicable folly. North Ossetia, ethnic and cultural twin to its disputed neighbour in the south, is part of the Russian Federation. Putin and those who support him - a clear majority, as no-one disputes, of Russians and Ossetians - meanwhile have difficulty understanding the concept of Georgian independence.

But when Saakashvili offered the gift of a direct military challenge by shelling Ossetian Tskhinvali, hospitals, parliament and all, how was Russia supposed to react? By asking politely for clarification of Georgian intentions? Imagine the French have just shelled the Channel Islands. What's Brittan's next move?

A daft analogy? Not as daft, I suspect, as the claim that the US, with military advisers on site in Georgia busily equipping and training its army, tried and failed to dissuade Saakashvili from launching a war. Does America have so little influence over a tiny client state that depends entirely on American goodwill? Or did Saakashvili somehow get the wrong idea from someone somewhere about the nature and scale of likely US support and US responses? Nothing else makes any sense.

Much of the West's media have accepted the script as written, and accepted it with enthusiasm. Some people, it seems, really miss the Cold War. As political eminences in the US tell it, that conflict never ended. Who knew? George Bush senior and the "new world order" never happened. Without missing a beat, we are back to "containing Russia". The proportionate response to a five-day war in a postage-stamp region of the Caucasus is the placing of missiles in Poland. Perhaps the Cubans should offer a view?

Let's say, for argument's sake, that Saakashvili did indeed make a grievous error. Let's accept that a Harvard education cannot eradicate a tendency to hot-headedness. It's still either/or. Either Saakashvili was misled, or he is dumb. Either way, does that qualify him to be in a position to whistle-up the nuclear arsenals of Nato should he have another rush of blood to the head?

David Miliband, the vastly-experienced British Foreign Secretary, thinks it does. The latest junior Churchill argues that, precisely because Georgia took a kicking from the Russians, its membership of Nato should be nodded through posthaste. This was precisely the outcome sought by the US at a Nato meeting in Bucharest in the spring, long before anyone had heard of South Ossetia.

You can see how that one would run in State Department strategic gaming. So the Russians get a little war, they would say, and the chance to flaunt their cojones. If this plays, we get to overcome the objections of the Germans, the French and the Italians and plant another Nato flag in Russia's back yard. This is known, I think, at least to the never-recently-sane, as a price worth paying.

Does a leader with Saakashvili's lamentable credentials in war, and as a democrat, really become entitled to have another crack at the Russians with full Nato backing? Such is the meaning of article V of the organisation's treaty: one for all and all for one. If a Nato member is attacked, its brethren must come to its aid militarily. We should grant that licence to the Rocket Man of Tbilisi? Miliband says we should.

Putin and his stooge, Russian "President" Dmitry Medvedev, are reliable villains. Russia says that Poland, with its planned shield, must go back on the nuclear target list: the Apocalypse Express gets its headline. Yet none of this, bizarre as it sounds, should be Europe and the world's real concern.

We are being sucked in, suckered and conscripted. As an economically embattled US flails after former glories, it fashions Nato into a blunt instrument. Whatever the organisation's purpose during the Cold War, it currently stands revealed as an expeditionary force on behalf of Washington's interests. That is not a useful development for Nato, Europe, America or the world.

Georgia should be proof enough. We know that Putin's Russia is not to be trusted. But we also know a simple fact: in South Ossetia, Saakashvili started the shooting. Had the United Nations been allowed to function we might have been talking about faults on both sides. Instead, we are offered a new Cold War as though no other alternative is possible.

Far off in Afghanistan, meanwhile, 10 young Frenchmen die in a single engagement; then three Poles. They join the list of Britons, Canadians, Dutch and Americans that creeps towards 200 lives lost in 2008 alone, mostly for the sake of a Nato mission in a war on terrorism declared, forgotten, botched, forgotten and botched again under Washington's direction. So remind me: where is Kabul, exactly, in relation to the homes of these soldiers?

The city is rather closer to Pakistan, source of the Taliban's endlessly-replenished supplies of men and guns, a country that has just discarded America's latest favourite general turned supreme ruler. Pervez Musharraf leaves behind a state with ungovernable borders that is also − let's take another bow − armed with real, rather than Iranian potentially-perhaps nuclear weapons. Those in the Taliban and those they would call al Qaeda, people who would do us actual harm in our own towns and cities, given the chance, cannot feel too disgruntled.

Another Cold War in Europe and a hot war on the old Northwest Frontier: as a scorecard for Nato, these involve precious few bonus points. You would have to mark them as abject failures. Afghanistan begins to seem very like Europe's long-avoided Vietnam. The disastrous challenge and counter-challenge with Russia meanwhile has a very creaky and disreputable sort of plot line. Nato, amid it all, has become America's proxy. [A proxy, with the power to enforce treaties that obligate member nations to military action, without any democratic check, or even a tacit representation of those soldiers whose lives it plays with]

It was always that, in most senses. You suspect, however, that an expiring Bush administration has found its gimmick, finally. How to draw the sceptical and under-achieving Europeans back in to the great global cause without deferring to their doubts and finer feelings?

Forget threats, insults, or expressions of undying friendship: binding treaties will do. Treaties, that is, and a couple of decent scripts. Wag the dog. Do it all with a crisis in a place with a name that might just have been invented. Do it with an unending war on the authors of permanent, inchoate, indefinable alien threat.

Putin, Saakashvili, and some Afghan warlords will be happy to oblige. David Miliband will not even hesitate. And the matinee crowds will be none the wiser.

Tempora Mutantur Et Nos Mutamur In Illis

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eyes In The Sky

WRS has today an excellent post about living in an imperial world, the Surveillance State, Realizing what makes you a thoughtcriminal, and what to do when you are surrounded.

Highly recommended, Read it HERE

Also in the news, as Sweden recently joined the list of countries with surveillance states, (or left the list of states who honour personal sovereignty, depending on perspective) passing a new wiretap and electronic surveillance law 143 to 138 in the Parliament that many people are saying is more permissive than East German STASI

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


June 28, 2008, was a defining moment in my life. It was the day I shot and killed a man in the defense of my life and the lives of others

I was wholly impressed by Brian Fentiman's story, a type of story that while not infrequent, is rarely talked about in our polite and extremely litigious society. In fact, our own David, has already stated, despite his impressive resume in the campaign for rights and education, that he would not share the same story, if it happened to him. He would clam up, to protect him and his. I cant disagree with that, but i very much admire Mr. Fentiman for taking a much different path. While its been said that Mr Fentiman was not mistake free, he does here have a very real tale to tell, a tale of responsibility in our increasingly antisocial world, not a cold abstract idealist concept of volunteerism, but a story of experience. While he may or may not share some blame, he has no shortage of courage to share his story.

He doesnt ask you to do anything really, not to carry a gun, not to help a stranger, but to realize that you do have a responsibility, one that may have been forgotten by some, but when shirked, has a very real effect on our world.

The America we live in today is not the same country my father and mother experienced. Dad was a World War II veteran and recipient of two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts, and Mom was a "Rosie the Riveter" who built ships in Long Beach, Calif., during the war. They were a generation that helped each other. They were neighbors who watched out for the interests of their neighbors. A large part of the population was involved in WWII, and they had to depend upon each other for their very survival. Sometimes the only thing these military men and women had in common was the fact that they were Americans. Yet they cared for each other.

We live in a dangerous society where the criminal element seems to have no regard for human life, let alone the ability to leave people alone. We need to take a more courageous attitude toward the safety and welfare of our fellow law-abiding citizens and teach our children to have the same values.

Read his story, in full, here:
and remember, if he hadnt told his story, all we would know is what is posted as an include at the bottom of the article, a news snippet, with no names you know, and no story you can relate to. No lesson to be learned, no light to be shown.

Lux Veritas

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Then Something Unusual Happened

Its an odd thing when a question of justice, in a court of law, is now referred to as an unusual thing.

CATO has an excellent post about what may become the largest contested court decision post Heller, about whether a Juror has the ability to judge Justice, as well as Guilt Under the law, or do the scales of justice only weigh one side of case? It seems to me that if the government tries the men it chooses, in its courts, procecuted and judged by its men, and the People, selected of peers, can say nothing of it, well, then those men will always be found guilty, and punished as the government chooses.

It was supposed to be just another federal drug prosecution. The federal prosecutors introduced evidence that the man on trial was involved in the black market drug trade. The defense attorney said the government agents entrapped his client. And then the twelve citizen-jurors retired to deliberate the outcome of the case.

But then something unusual happened. The jury sent a note to the trial judge with the following query: Since the Constitution needed to be amended in 1919 to authorize federal criminal prosecutions for manufacturing and smuggling alcohol, a juror wanted to know from the judge where “is the constitutional grant of authority to ban mere possession of cocaine today?”

Read the rest Here:

and here, here, here, and here.

Rule by law, rule by men, or rule by state?

Cessante Ratione Legis Cessat Ipsa Lex

Monday, August 11, 2008


Ive been asked a few times, why, with my general criticisms of the current regime and system i dont support Barack Obamas particular brand of change. I think this video, of a speech he gave in denver this july, says even more than i could about what Barack considers "Change." Not a change from abuses in the system, but a change from any illusion we might still have that our lives are our own.

At (12:30) into the video you see obama call for massive expansion of the military and national service

65,000 additional soldiers
27,000 additional marines
250,000 Americorp Slots.

but that pales in comparison to the statement the junior senator from illinois makes at (16:45), stating:

"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a Civilian National Security Force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

in 2007, 1,426,705 people were on active duty in the military with an additional 1,458,400 people in the seven reserve components with a U.S. Defense budget of $439 billion, with an additional injection of emergency war funding later in the fiscal year.

Is Obama serious about creating some kind of domestic security force with this same sort of price tag and power? or is he talking about matching the funding to his new bigger, better armored, better taken care of, more powerful military?

What Does this force do? how is it paid for? (Tax Money of course, noting that today, as i write this, we reach our first free of cost of government day according to Is it authorized by the constitution in the same way the existing civilian militia is contended to be? Does it function similar in function to the CCC of FDR's day, from whom, no doubt, Obama gained the inspiration, or as it specificly addresses National Security, does it more closely follow the lines of East German STASI? National, Federal Police Jurisdictions and Forces rarely bode well for free societies. These and many other questions are a matter of great concern to me, and the reason i cannot support Obama in 08.

I realize there are very few options out there, and Obama does speak of hope, and change, both increasingly attractive ideas in this stagnant political age. But do the means justify the ends?

While both Mr. Obama and i hold very similar hopes for a new America, an America where citizens and communities band together and where the next generation will give itself to service and involvement, where we disagree is in the methodology. Instead of encouragement, Obama would like to coerce, from mandatory service as a college requirement for schools to receive funding, to tax funded national programs of an unprecedented scale, Obama would like to -force- America to be great, and that is something that ideologically i cannot agree with, and historically does not work.

While many people will continue to hail that Obama is a great change from the terrible dictatorial tendencies of the Bush terms of office, I cant help to think that it is exactly because GW has set such terrible precedent for a rogue executive that Obama thinks he can use the oval office to shape this country and the world, through executive order, special security directive, into his vision of the future. Through the convincing and coercive force of what has become the most powerful, unchecked seat, in the most powerful unchecked government, he may now be able to force about a world as he thinks it should be.

after all, as Georgie said: "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."

Im sorry to say, Freedom isnt easy.

I also highly recomend reading this letter: Beware Charismatic Men Who Preach Change

Yes we need change, and I do not denounce him, for saying so, nor do i denounce what he would like to see in america, or what work he may have done, but we must examine that work, and always ask: Change, But at what Cost?

Quo Vadis

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The End Is Near

I am honoured today to have permission to repost a piece by the exceptional Padre Engo. Padro Engo is a talented sometimes musician, sometimes sorcerer, always warrior, based out of Brooklyn, New York. His esoteric mixture of new and old world beats and themes has long set him apart in the musical world, where his blend of Caribbean Blues has had him compared to a sort of West Indies Robert Johnson, he is probably most well known for the tune Crucifixion, and as the only Gnostic Moorish Palo Mayombe Priest living in the streets of New Babylon i know, ive always found his opinions to be, well, different to say the least, and an enjoyable change of perspective. Here he touches on a theme we have mentioned a few times here, what is coming, and i think his excellent article duly underscores what ive often thought, that no matter your background or interests, there is an innate human characteristic in all of us, an aversion to servitude, and a love of liberty. No matter how different we, or our methods may seem, we all want the same end, Freedom, and should work together in these coming times. For, as Padre Engo will tell you:

The End is Near.

Imagine being sent forward in time from 1968 to 2008. Instead of gas costing 25 cents a gallon, it's over $3.00. A decent home, intead of costing $15,000, costs $250,000 or more. Imagine your shock that the average American family owes $9000 on their credit cards. Imagine entering a society where less than 2% of the cars on the road are owned by those that drive them, and less than 1% of the homes are owned by the people who live in them. Welcome to the debt based slave state of America in 2008. It is all symbolic of how the globalists have America right where they want it, and are eager to finish it off. As the dollar continues losing strength, what will this mean to the world? Many will be deceived into believing that the economy is recovering; and then they will suddenly wake up to find their money worthless. As with the Argentina currency collapse a few years ago, so will the American dollar collapse likewise. However, the collapse of the US dollar is going to have much greater impact on the global economy and international political landscape than the collapse of the Argentinean peso ever did. The collapse of the dollar will reduce America to third world status, and it's people to a chaos they are woefully unprepared to face. It will be a period of tremendous hardship and economic deprivation. It will be a time of great tribulation.

With our money being worthless, there will no longer be the ability to import fossil fuels. The gas lines of the 70's will seem like a pleasant dream compared to what this would be like. Also, this will have a devastating effect upon the agriculture and transportation sectors. The transportation system will not be able to distribute food without gas or diesel. Industry will largely grind to a halt. No longer will the economy be able to function. It will be the end of the American global empire. As with the fall of the Roman Empire, America would be forced out of economic necessity to close its military bases around the world. There would be no money for government services, education, pensions, health care, security, etc. Society would quickly slip into lawless anarchy. The Homeland Security people would have their hands full, to say the least.

Yet even as the dollar slides downwards towards collapse, many refuse to believe that it is possible for something like this to happen today. After all, we live in an age when Governments and their Reserve Banks can support the value of currencies through intervention right? Various economists, speaking on behalf of the Federal Reserve, make soothing noises that there is nothing to worry about the dollar falling. They claim that this is going to assist American exporters, ignoring that the costs of imports will rise even more; and that the trade and current account deficits will continue to deteriorate. Some claim that while there have been collapses in the past surely this would not happen today. Sadly, the reality is that not only could this happen today, but it will happen much faster than at anytime in history. Modern communications enable billions of dollars can be switched from one currency to another at a click of a mouse today, when in the past it took weeks for speculators to switch from one currency to another. Never has been a time when currencies have been more vulnerable for speculation on their values.

The US Government is in a bind. If they lift interest rates to try and support the dollar, it will increase the size of the US budget deficit, plus the likelihood that the economy would go into a tailspin. The level of personal and corporate debt in the USA is now so high, that a sudden increase in interest rates would likely bring about an economic collapse. Either way, America is in deep trouble. What we could experience is a run on the US dollar, until it becomes completely worthless. There have been collapses of currencies throughout history. A recent example has been the collapse of the German Mark in 1923. At that time, the German economy was saddled in massive external debts, plus was being forced to repay war reparations. America is in a similar position today, as the world's largest debtor nation. Let's have a look to what happened to the German currency in the 1920's. At the outbreak of WWI, the German Mark was going for 4.20 to the dollar, at the end of the war, the mark was 4.80 to one US dollar, at the end of 1919, it was 42 marks to the dollar. By Dec 1923 it had fallen to 4.2 trillion marks to one dollar.

The German people suffered severely during this time, and it set the stage for the rise of Hitler to power. What took 3 years to lead up to the collapse of the German economy would only take 3 weeks today, with the speed money is able to be transferred from one country to another. The collapse of the US dollar would remove America as a global power. There is now a shift of the balance of power from North America to Europe. THIS IS ALL BY DESIGN! The international bankers who control the US and global economy want America to collapse, in order to get the American people to accept a global currency. The Asian economies will also be severely affected by the collapse of the American dollar. Not only do these economies depend upon the US market for revenue from much of their exports, but they also hold substantial reserves in US dollars. The Chinese and Japanese banking systems would collapse, their dollar holding evaporating, and the high debt levels of Chinese corporations will cause a massive wave of bankruptcies.

The Euro will become the preferred currency of choice around the world, providing the Europeans with even greater political influence than the US has today. Behind all of this, the European based international bankers will further consolidate their power by creating a United States of Europe. The crises of the collapse of the US dollar will help speed up the creation of a United States of Europe defense force. Europe will emerge from the economic chaos that will erupt across the world as the dominating economic power bloc. Germany, as the engine economy in Europe, and the largest nation, will be in the drivers seat for the direction this new Europe goes in. Meanwhile, the nations of North America will be asked to repay their massive external debts. Having sold off much of their silver and gold, the creditors will look at other means of recovering the money they have advanced. America would be held in economic bondage to these international money lenders, even more than they are now. They are going to demand total control of our economy, reducing our people to slaves, where we will be held in economic bondage.

Already, America is despised around the world not only because of the Iraq situation, but also because America is generally seen as a nation that has been greatly blessed, but, partly because of the filth that Hollywood exports around the world, is seen as an incredibly arrogant, and undeserving superpower. This has left America with few friends that would come to it's financial rescue when the chips are down. God is allowing America to be humiliated and defeated for rejecting His Law, for trusting in wealth instead of trusting in God. Our leaders have for the most part rejected the Constitution, and have allowed this once great nation to be ruined by enslaving us to a group of international bankers, in direct opposition to what the Constitution states.

We are apparently now in the final countdown towards the greatest economic meltdown in history. Yet few appear to be aware of what lies ahead. We are about to witness the end of the America that we were blessed with, and enter a worldwide age of tribulation and chaos that no one has experienced in living memory.

-Padre Engo

Scheduled Departure Takes Flight

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement began a pilot program called Operation Scheduled Departure on Tuesday that allows some illegal immigrants to come forward and schedule their own deportation. The Program, which will run until Aug 22, will be active in five cities:
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Santa Ana, California (Los Angeles area)
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • San Diego, California
People who register for “Operation Scheduled Departure” will have 90 days to get their affairs in order before leaving. They won't be taken into custody, but may have to check in regularly with immigration officials or be monitored in some other way.

While ICE is stating the program is a direct response to complaints of abuses in the accelerated raid programs which have in recent months been breaking down doors and arresting even parents in predawn raids, leaving children to fend with CPS, the real message they are sending is clear: Leave now, right now, while you can, or things will become very hard for you indeed.

I would imagine there will be a short lull after the end of the nearly month long program end while ICE analyzes its results and reformulates its overall strategy in what may well be the active enforcement and removal portion of Operation Endgame, the The DRO strategic plan which in 2004 set in motion a cohesive enforcement program with a ten-year time horizon that will build the capacity to “remove all removable aliens”

While im uncertain whether it would be a good idea for someone concerned for their families welfare to report to one of these 5 locations, I will note that they do forbid cameras to be brought with you, and as we all know, a camera may well be the most effective tool you can have.

In the coming months, though, I will suggest you watch the skies, so to speak, and wonder:
Whatever Happened to Never Again?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Too Late to Apologize.

I apologize for the slow updates, but as my computer is temporarily out of commission, i have fallen a few days behind in both my reading and my writing. I have, however still been paying attention i assure you, and as i get the time, i will continue to give you my opinion, here, at exactly the price it is worth. Ill tell you, the price of admission here is much lower than what the state is willing to pay to keep a captive audience.

As the house last week spent its final days of session debating and passing things like non binding resolutions to apologize for slavery one has to wonder about the priorities of a congress that would address a 140 year old injury rather than our current economic and foreign policy, as inflation looms, the economy falters, Iran is being pressured with a threat of a preemptive nuclear strike, a US missile radar system being installed in Israel, and Russia is planning on keeping nukes in Cuba as it rekindles its relationship with the Peoples Republic of China as a hedge against global reliance on the failing dollar.

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service announces that it is owed about $58 billion in federal payroll taxes it never received, and also tells us that its going to start watching our credit and debit cards to makes sure we arent taking anything that isnt ours, making me consider exactly when slavery will end, and when will congress apologize to the hundreds of millions of Taxpayers that it so cruelly subjects to incrementalized slavery every single day. The call for reparations for 87 years of black slavery in the United States, (211 years on the continent in shameful total) still goes on today, even as we continue a 147 year legacy of state theft and thralldom, not based on race, but of total and universal subservience to the state. When will we call for this emancipation, the emancipation of the people from a state that has so long ago lost the peoples consent?

Well will the house wake up, and once more enact the will of the people, not of 140 years ago, but of today? if you notice, the dates between Emancipation, and the Enaction of the Income Tax arent that far apart. I have always wondered if the reason Lincoln acquiesced to free the negro of the confederate states was precisely so that he could serve the masters of the state, and not the masters of the south. Free, but not too free. Freed not in the interest of humanity but in the interests of Internal Revenue.

Previous to 1860, 4 million black Americans wouldn't have been taxable.

Today, they can send Wesley Snipes to three years of prison for stepping out of line. Maybe he will meet Ed Brown, who will most likely never see his wife again outside of a courtroom. Or perhaps Ed and Elaine's supporters, who are now being tried and may face decades in prison for the unquestionable crime of supporting someone who would dare speak out against the authority or propriety of the right of the state to seize anything and everything you may have.

  • Slavery: Noun. Slavery (also called thralldom) is a social-economic system under which certain persons — known as slaves — are deprived of personal freedom and compelled to provide labor.
Taxation is Slavery, be it 100%, or a simple 30%.

De oppresso liber*
*out of the oppressed man, comes the free