Monday, September 1, 2008

Judging Chavez

A few days ago I wrote about the Regime of Hugo Chavez, in which i stated that the media states that he is a military dictator, heavy handed and oppressive, with goals of exploitation and domination.

I do in no way wish to imply that is reality. What the media portrays, and what is real, is often two very very different things. And no-one should understand that better than Chavez. President Chavez has a very interesting relationship with the media, both relying on it for his populist support, and very nearly being destroyed by it and those whose control it.

As was stated here not to long ago in reference to Russia, "You arent paranoid, if they are trying to kill you." Venezuela also experiences that same volatile mixture of intense nationalism and paranoia. Like Russia, Its rulers, whatever their labels, take it as read that their country exists under permanent threat of encirclement by its enemies. Now, again, here's the tricky part: there is nothing currently to suggest that they are mistaken. Surrounded by the media, international banking interests, International trade agreements that are designed to import poverty, not prosperity, and "Government interests" from around the world (and mostly from here) that equivocally state that any variance from their game plan is to be viewed and treated as a threat. Surrounded he is, there is no question about that.

While i do not agree with a good number of Chavez's Economic policies, as i think they lack the sustainability a similar plan endowed with liberty would be able to generate, and in fact do come off as "heavy handed" I do not wish to, in any form, condemn him, or the people of Venezuela who chose him as their leader. And there is one thing, if you were to watch the following video, i do agree with him on, to no end. You may oppose him, or his policies, but you, and all the power, money, and control in the world can never oppose the will of the people, and no matter the opinion i have of any leader, i will defend to no end the right of any and all people to self-determination.

Experto Ne Crede

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