Saturday, February 7, 2009

Excuse me, Im looking for the Accountability?

What they say:

Key elements of the plan, which cover a vast range of federal spending, include:
$116 billion in infrastructure improvements; $88 billion in new funding for
education; $40 billion for the development of clean energy; $23 billion for
programs to help those most hurt by the economic downturn; and $14 billion for
healthcare, including $3 billion to jump-start a plan to computerize health

What they mean:

Key elements of the plan, which cover a vast range of federal spending, include:
$116 billion in "Government Works Projects" which will not be held to any sort
of standard concerning real world cost/benefit; $88 billion to expand public
schooling's overbudgeted failures; $40 billion in R&D grants to major
corporations, with no guarantee of delivered products; $23 billion for the
expansion and creation of government welfare bureaucracies; and $14 billion to
nationalize and support the most expensive healthcare system in the world,
without attempting to raise its downward sliding standards.

Also included is a nice $15,000 taxfunded credit to anyone who will buy a house now, at the inflated prices, rather than wait for the prices to normalize.

This is a one trillion dollar (this year) package, when factoring in interest. That is, already, equivalent to all the discretionary spending in a typical federal budget year, (keeping in mind that the houses have been in session less than 25 days!) with no real sign of anyone pulling in the reigns, and even more frightening, very little evidence that it will do much of anything to undo the nearly 600,000 jobs lost in January alone.

With no accountability, the endless public projects and agendas march endlessly forward on endlessly increasing taxation while everyday people just try to make ends meet.

All for the ends.

Some people would sell their country, for the ends.

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