Friday, April 25, 2008

From rtbohan:

Ron Paul was in friendly country yesterday when he traveled to Missoula, Montana to speak at the University of Montana.

Of course, Representative Paul is always in friendly country when he speaks on a college or university campus. His campaign is strongly supported by the young voters in this country. In Missoula, however, he was speaking in a county and city in which he had won the Republican Party caucus and in which even the daily paper supports his message.( . There was also coverage of the event in some of the other newspapers in the state. The Billings Gazette carried a short mention of the speech from the A.P. The Great Falls Tribune carried a good report by John S. Adams, the paper's capital correspondent (

Dr. Paul did not go to Montana to admire the Big Sky country or to talk about hunting and fishing. He went to deliver his urgent message to the voters of the state. He spoke about the government's attempt to frighten the people of American so they would roll over and obey any command from the government. "I would say it's time not to roll over but to stand up and resist", he said.

The message, however muffled by the press is getting through across the country. It can be seen in the efforts to send Ron Paul supporters as delegates to the Republican National Convention. It can be seen in the resistance of at least some Governors to the bullying tactics of the DHS over the Real I.D.

Representative Paul again told his supporters that he does not expect to win the Republican Party nomination this year, and that he will not run as a third party or independent candidate. But he did not regard that as important. "I think of myself as less important than my message". He is getting that message out.

In my opinion, Representative Paul made only one misstatement in his speech in Missoula. It was when he said, "I think the revolution is alive and well in Montana."

That was an understatement.

The revolution is alive and well throughout the United States.

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