Saturday, March 14, 2009

Force Multipliers coming between Us and Them

When it comes to the age age old question of "Cant we all just get along?" something always seems to get in the way, often our prejudices or ignorance, sometimes it is the avarice of evil men, or the duplicitous natures of nationalism, egalitarianism and democratization, whatever it is, somewhere, there is created in the minds of men an artificial construct called "Us and Them."

Here it is again:

(Click for full view)

From a here unnamed public forum comes this screenshot, which i think speaks for itself. (H/T to David Codrea for the image)

If you you wonder about the context, this was in response to this video, which i wont comment on here, but to say:

We have fallen a long way.

Some people seem to wish to drag us further into a land that is ruled by men, such as our friends above, men with hyperactive linguas and dormant cerebrums filled with boiled cereals and less than latent fantasies of violence, rather than a respectful world that is ruled by (honorable) law and natural rights.

Of course we must not let them, and if need be, we must destroy them, before they destroy us.

And that, my friends, is how we got "The Us," and "The Them," yesterday, today, and into the future.

God save us all from ourselves.