Saturday, March 21, 2009

Think Green Limousine -- Update

According to Reuters, they declined my sugestion of Hipocraton, and instead have dubbed the series of luxurious security vehicles "The Beast" at least one of which can now be seen daily in presidential service. (well, when he isnt taking the old family SUV which was still seen in service as recently as Feb, 28)

Id make some comments about the Book of Revelations here, but id just be labeled as some religious conservative nutjob, and besides, im really just waiting to see if it actually gets its power from a dragon, and can talk.  

My, we do live in some interesting times, dont we?

All in all, not a bad name for an earth-eater, and im sure GM appreciates the business, I hear The state of Maryland recently paid $5.26 million for almost 15 acres of additional car storage space near this bridge, painted with a General Motors logo, near the Dundalk Marine Terminal at the port of Baltimore, to make more room for the 57,000 unsold new cars now parked there as GM lobbies the Canadian Govt for a $6,000,000,000.00 handout, and various European Govts for a measly $4,200,000,000.00 in "Operating Aid"

Meanwhile, somewhat closer to detroit:

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