Saturday, April 25, 2009

Curing Corruption in Government

requires identifying the cause of that corruption

Here, in the following video, the Cato Institute's Dan Mitchell does a fairly good job of doing so.

Unfortunately I think the introduction of a flat tax (which usually is proposed as a neutral revenue gain system) would do little to effect any of the wanton over-expansion of federal influence, with the exception of simplifying the convoluted tax code, and is a bit like putting a bandaid on a vesuvian zit, when in fact it must be popped like the balloon at the end of the video. It should be pretty clear, though, that federal expansion must be not only curbed, but reversed, if we want to return to anything resembling representative government. 

Revenue-neutral tax reform, while palatable, is no solution, unfortunately, to a government that is spending us, and our progeny, into the poorhouses of tomorrow, and seems too stupid to realize it.

Taxation is theft, doubly so when the spoils go only to fools and leeches.


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