Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Ashton Lundeby Case

William Grigg has a very thorough rundown of both sides of the Ashton Lundeby case, in which federal agents have been holding a 16 year old child without bail (flight risk? haha!) on a (as all federal juvenile cases are) sealed docket, evidently stemming from a bomb threat that was phoned in via VOIP, in another state. Initially it was reported that the case was being processed under provisions of the USA S.U.B.J., er P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act, but in fact, this is unlikely, as there are plenty of old overreaching federal laws with which to denigrate children and other "threats." 

You should read it here.


Jay21 said...

Good job, I have been meaning to do some wallowing about this case. Thanks for picking up the slack.


ReverendFranz said...

No problem, the case is interesting to stay the least, and william grigg, as usual, is all over it. Just after that, Wired broke a story about an Australian who fingered the kid, who evidently heard about it through a pay-for-prank-calls-and-bomb threat ring based on the internet, who may or may not have an axe to grind with the kid he fingered. Turns out the raid was executed on Ashton Lundeby just hours after some australian says "I know who did it" and get this, he told them before police mobilized to "evacuate and search" the empty university building, already having been advised that it was a planned joke that was advertised on the internet, even before it happened. The comments section on the wired piece is notable as well, as a few people involved with the prank-call ring chimed in with their opinions as well.

I haven't had alot of time to read lately, so if there is anything you think i should take a look at, please drop me a line.