Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday's Dilbert.

I'm a moderate fan of Dilbert, good strip, nice dry humor, and often very on target topically. I read the paper a little late, so most of you probably saw this before i did, but i thought it about nailed it.

I would like to note though, just as the fraud of Financiers, Regulators, and Rating Agencies have made things this terrible for all of us, they have only tied their own hands when it comes to moving forward, not ours. The fact is, we have been here before, as we were lied to by overlords in the past, who made guarantees of social security (no pun intended), and failed to carry through, we were able to stop listening to them, and move on. This is the way many a European monarchy ceased to be of great import, and many a former "regulator" was chopped up by fishwives.

The fact is, we know we cant trust them, they know they cant trust each other, and so there is very little business that can get done, with them. I think where my opinion differs from Mr Adams' though, is that i don't see that as the death of capitalism, but rather a new birth of it. The fact is, there are people you can trust out there, good people, friends, family, people with like values and viewpoints, members of your own communities, etc, and you should be doing your business with them, and they with you, and we can all prosper as we watch the fates of the plundering fools in their giant "too big to fail" spiral down the porcelain bowl of history.

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