Thursday, July 24, 2008

We will always fight against despotism, for the name of our country is América

Happy Simón Bolívar day.

The revolutionary and idealist who was personally responsible for the emancipation of South American territories from the Spanish crown was able to learn a great deal from both the success of the American Revolution from England, and the failures of the French Revolution, had this to say about the monolithic empires, in the summer of 1815:

"A state too expensive in itself, or by virtue of its dependencies, ultimately falls into decay; its free government is transformed into a tyranny; it disregards the principles which it should preserve, and finally degenerates into despotism. The distinguishing characteristic of small republics is stability: the character of large republics is mutability. "

Enjoy, and dream of ~Liberdad~

"Para el logro del triunfo siempre ha sido indispensable pasar por la senda de los sacrificios."

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