Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good to the Last Drop

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, in a 7 minute video message, has spilled the beans on the so called "Housing Rescue" bill just passed by the House and Senate, refered to here as the Mortgage Bailout Bill, and soon expoected to be signed into law.

The bill is some 600 pages long. Snuck into the bill is a provison that will require that all credit card transactions be reported to the IRS.

Further, the bill gives approval to increase the national debt ceiling by $800 billion. It also requires that those in the mortgage industry be fingerprinted.
Within its unread tomes, there no doubt lurks many other secret provisions and pet projects, but if you needed any further proof that this bill was not about providing homes for American Families, this is it. This bill is intended to do nothing more than to support a corrupt and dying system of taxation from its imminent demise, at the expense of the people it relies on.

When the government goes broke, it's Final Grab, and last chance, would be to drag the American people down with them by taxing the people into a hole of unpayable debt. So here begins the big squeeze. Good to the last drop, so to speak.

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