Saturday, August 23, 2008

Call the Police, Get Sued.

We will file this in the post-Gonzales - "Protect and Serve" file
"Three deputies and a police dog also were hit in the firefight that morning; all survived.

The bloody date was June 5, 2007. Karen Mies, staggering under the news that her son had murdered her husband, told a family friend she was grateful for one thing: The wounded deputies were alive.

One year later to the day, two of the deputies filed a civil lawsuit against the widow and the estate of her deceased husband, Arthur, and her son. Officers Jon Yaws and Greg Murphy – both recovered and back at work – each is suing the Mies family for $4 million for emotional distress, medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, and punitive damages."
(Sacramento Bee)

Get this: that woman's son was thirty-four years old when he went on his little spree.

Go to that Bee page, where you'll get a look at the two heroes, those guardians on the Thin Blue Line, these guise. It is curious to note that of the three deputies wounded in this episode, the only one with balls is the female. Melissa Meekma declined any part in the suit.

Jon Yaws and Greg Murphy are disgusting specimens, but this doesn't surprise me: the nature of the work is what attracts individuals like this now. There is nothing absurd in considering "law enforcement" as just another pseudopodical extension of the welfare state. It's a great way to keep motherfuckers employed, and -- after all -- who complained when The Lying Bastard of The Ozark Long March ran that Hundred-Thousand More Cops On The Street gag?


Whether you see it that way or not, it's clear that a lot of them see it as a make-work program. More and more, the average cop's authentic devotion to rational principles of policing run to the level of your average pimple-face down at the local burger stand. "Would you like some TASER with that order?" Witness the constant pleas that they should go home safe to their wives and kiddies at the end of the long day of violent Fourth Amendment erasures, dog-murders, evidence fabrications, perjuries, witness intimidations, summary thuggeries on the street, Third Reich roadblocks, media preenings, and coffee-shop hold-ups. It's the hard lot of the self-styled Protectors On The Wall, these proud men whose only reward is the safety of the weak and the prevalence of Right.


These rotten bastards should get their millions and then each fall off their fishing-boats all alone so no one ever hears them screaming.

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