Tuesday, August 19, 2008


June 28, 2008, was a defining moment in my life. It was the day I shot and killed a man in the defense of my life and the lives of others

I was wholly impressed by Brian Fentiman's story, a type of story that while not infrequent, is rarely talked about in our polite and extremely litigious society. In fact, our own David, has already stated, despite his impressive resume in the campaign for rights and education, that he would not share the same story, if it happened to him. He would clam up, to protect him and his. I cant disagree with that, but i very much admire Mr. Fentiman for taking a much different path. While its been said that Mr Fentiman was not mistake free, he does here have a very real tale to tell, a tale of responsibility in our increasingly antisocial world, not a cold abstract idealist concept of volunteerism, but a story of experience. While he may or may not share some blame, he has no shortage of courage to share his story.

He doesnt ask you to do anything really, not to carry a gun, not to help a stranger, but to realize that you do have a responsibility, one that may have been forgotten by some, but when shirked, has a very real effect on our world.

The America we live in today is not the same country my father and mother experienced. Dad was a World War II veteran and recipient of two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts, and Mom was a "Rosie the Riveter" who built ships in Long Beach, Calif., during the war. They were a generation that helped each other. They were neighbors who watched out for the interests of their neighbors. A large part of the population was involved in WWII, and they had to depend upon each other for their very survival. Sometimes the only thing these military men and women had in common was the fact that they were Americans. Yet they cared for each other.

We live in a dangerous society where the criminal element seems to have no regard for human life, let alone the ability to leave people alone. We need to take a more courageous attitude toward the safety and welfare of our fellow law-abiding citizens and teach our children to have the same values.

Read his story, in full, here: http://ydr.inyork.com/ci_10219218
and remember, if he hadnt told his story, all we would know is what is posted as an include at the bottom of the article, a news snippet, with no names you know, and no story you can relate to. No lesson to be learned, no light to be shown.

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