Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Too Late to Apologize.

I apologize for the slow updates, but as my computer is temporarily out of commission, i have fallen a few days behind in both my reading and my writing. I have, however still been paying attention i assure you, and as i get the time, i will continue to give you my opinion, here, at exactly the price it is worth. Ill tell you, the price of admission here is much lower than what the state is willing to pay to keep a captive audience.

As the house last week spent its final days of session debating and passing things like non binding resolutions to apologize for slavery one has to wonder about the priorities of a congress that would address a 140 year old injury rather than our current economic and foreign policy, as inflation looms, the economy falters, Iran is being pressured with a threat of a preemptive nuclear strike, a US missile radar system being installed in Israel, and Russia is planning on keeping nukes in Cuba as it rekindles its relationship with the Peoples Republic of China as a hedge against global reliance on the failing dollar.

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service announces that it is owed about $58 billion in federal payroll taxes it never received, and also tells us that its going to start watching our credit and debit cards to makes sure we arent taking anything that isnt ours, making me consider exactly when slavery will end, and when will congress apologize to the hundreds of millions of Taxpayers that it so cruelly subjects to incrementalized slavery every single day. The call for reparations for 87 years of black slavery in the United States, (211 years on the continent in shameful total) still goes on today, even as we continue a 147 year legacy of state theft and thralldom, not based on race, but of total and universal subservience to the state. When will we call for this emancipation, the emancipation of the people from a state that has so long ago lost the peoples consent?

Well will the house wake up, and once more enact the will of the people, not of 140 years ago, but of today? if you notice, the dates between Emancipation, and the Enaction of the Income Tax arent that far apart. I have always wondered if the reason Lincoln acquiesced to free the negro of the confederate states was precisely so that he could serve the masters of the state, and not the masters of the south. Free, but not too free. Freed not in the interest of humanity but in the interests of Internal Revenue.

Previous to 1860, 4 million black Americans wouldn't have been taxable.

Today, they can send Wesley Snipes to three years of prison for stepping out of line. Maybe he will meet Ed Brown, who will most likely never see his wife again outside of a courtroom. Or perhaps Ed and Elaine's supporters, who are now being tried and may face decades in prison for the unquestionable crime of supporting someone who would dare speak out against the authority or propriety of the right of the state to seize anything and everything you may have.

  • Slavery: Noun. Slavery (also called thralldom) is a social-economic system under which certain persons — known as slaves — are deprived of personal freedom and compelled to provide labor.
Taxation is Slavery, be it 100%, or a simple 30%.

De oppresso liber*
*out of the oppressed man, comes the free

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