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Standing With Your Back to The Front.

The month of October has often held, historically, frequent and unpredicted political surprises, from Russia's transformation into the CCCP in what is now called the October Revolution, to the American tradition of October Surprises in tight election years. October, 1789, saw the women of France march on versailles, the subsequent removal of the king from palace lands, and the legitimization of the National Assembly, leading to the democratization of that country. October 1990 saw the "die Wende" and the reunification of the German state for the first time since WWII, and in October of 1956, a group of protesting students in Hungary lead a spontaneous revolution against their Soviet occupiers. They very nearly succeeded in forcing the withdraw of Soviet forces, before the Kremlin reversed their position and, with mechanical brutality, quashed the movement. In China, October 1st is celebrated (More often by the government, than by the people) as National Day, the anniversary of the creation of the leviathan People's Republic of China. A quick glance shows that more than a dozen other modern states celebrate their independence or creation in October, a historical month indeed.

While some of these histories are joyous ones, and some are not, they do have on thing in common, the coming of the month of October has often carried with it, massive, systemic, political change.

This October will go down in history books as no exception.

Allow me to provide an excerpt from Syd at Front Sight, Press:

A coup d’├ętat took place in this country during the past two weeks.

If you didn’t notice, perhaps you were distracted by the Dolphins whipping the Chargers, or Tina Fey’s grotesque parodies of Sarah Palin, or perhaps you were immersed in blogs trying to prove that Barak Obama is a domestic terrorist.

Regardless of the distraction, while our attention was diverted, a revolution took place. No shots were fired, but plenty of blood was shed. The United States ceased to be a capitalist economy and became a managed socialist state. The nation’s financial system has been nationalized.

The government now calls the shots on who sinks or swims, who will have credit, where money is to go, and how much the robber barons of Wall Street will be compensated for their tender ministrations.

The odds are good that the government owns the mortgage to your house. If you receive a paycheck a month from now, it will likely be possible only because the government insured the business loan that allowed your employer to cut your check.

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Those who have perpetrated this coup have subjugated the financial sovereignty of the individual taxpayer to that of of banking interests, they have announced sweeping changes to the very heart of how America will function economically (and dont think much happens in this country that isnt economic), last week Paulson announced that the state will purchase a premium interest in private banks, (and possibly private corporations, or, I shit you not, State Governments) even as it continues to control the federal reserve cartel (or is it vice versa?) The free market is dead. Long live the free market.

Also of note, this October, is the surprise announcement of the deployment a domestic military police force, for the first time since the Reconstruction, and the subsequent drafting of the Posse Comitatus Act, which swore that no more would a sovereign state have to fear the occupation of a federal military force. This is mentioned HERE and, better HERE Whether this creates a serious threat, is not a subject we will touch on here, but it still, fundamentally, through the recreation of the posibility of occupation, represents a return to that age of fear, in this, the grandest age of fear of them all.

Some time ago, Naomi Wolf wrote a book called The End of America, in which she stated that, historically, ten steps must be taken in order to close a free society and institute a fascist and closed dictatorship.

  1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
  2. Create secret prisons where torture takes place.
  3. Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens.
  4. Set up an internal surveillance system.
  5. Harass citizens' groups.
  6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
  7. Target key individuals.
  8. Control the press.
  9. Treat all political dissidents as traitors.
  10. Suspend the rule of law.

Well, now that the End is here, has Naomi's viewpoint changed? (from about 4 days ago)

So, now, today, our own October Revolution is healthily underway, but is it a financial revolution or is it a military one?

Are we at risk of being servants to a financial system that is not now almost state controlled, but IS state controlled, or will we enter into a modern police state where all of our actions can and will be monitored, where no civil protections supersede state security? What about the continuing state influence over the media, the manipulation of the welfare state? Where are the front lines? As Americans, we have always been told that, in life, and in the world, there is always a clear front line, a clear enemy, and clear rules by which to engage him, but in fact reality has never been so clear or so kind.

"There are no rules in war, and that all war is total war, encompassing and consuming all aspects and facets of life. War, properly fought, is fought in the schools, social clubs, the workplace, at sports events, etc., etc. Even churches are not immune." says Paul W. Davis, just today, when commenting on this letter.

He is correct, and this war, this campaign against the free society we have always aspired to live in, has not been fought on one front.

It is fought in P.A.T.R.I.O.T. acts, and military tribunals, in the militarization of domestic police forces, in the erosion of Posse Comitatus, in the federalization of "Emergency Management" and its stacks of coffins. It won many battles in the homogenization of culture through sitcoms, in the lessons we are taught, but cannot recite, while we rotted in the school systems.

It's spearheaded in thinly veiled campaigns against individualism in the name of the war on terror, as no illustration of extreme viewpoints can exist if there are no other viewpoints. This war has soldiers active in the corporatization of America, in the engineering of perceived obsolescence and the creation of a consumer culture that cannot subsist in a closed system and requires the creation of slavery as credit and debt, simply to continue the status quo. It has fought for prison infrastructure, and for civilian forced labor camps, and the fundamentally repulsive concepts of Imminent Domain and Civil Forfeiture.

It is fought by a media that does not blink, when, this August, our great president signed an executive order extending a national state of emergency that has existed, almost undiscussed, for the last 7 years, again applying the Continuity of Government (COG) rules of NSPD-51, the details of which, by the way, are classified.

"What kind of government did we get," they asked Franklin as he walked out of those great halls, and im sorry to say, he did not answer "Im sorry, thats classified."

Many of us are not sure, and I will not discuss here, if these battles are waged by a concerted party, or simply are a result of the law of unintended consequences invoked by a long line of social do gooders and profiteers and American'ts. Whether their effects are intended or not, those actions that would deny you that aspired liberty have won, in many of these battles, but the war is not yet lost.

And so, there America stands, with its back to The Front. Not knowing which way to fight back, through this confusing and multiheaded throng of attacking forces, the principles of liberty and freedom stand, but do not move, and instead of pushing back against these real threats, they are instead pushed slowly and surely into a world that is increasingly devoid of freedom, personal liberty, or a people's right to self determination.

We are not alone in this struggle, either with our apathetic lack of real response, or in the October Revolution we have, this month, been handed. Germany and the formerly Great Britain have both vowed to offer up from their taxpayers for more than their entire national annual tax base as an offering to the now gods of the global financial network, (and i think our own learless feeders may soon offer the same) even as they also start the long process of removing any remnants of a free market and nationalize their own banks. A global community, there can be no doubt. A global community searching for a light in this age of fear and darkness.

Turn around America.

Turn around, to not only see what greatness has passed, and to learn from history's lessons, but turn around to face those forces who would, and will, if unchecked, push you into oblivion. Face The Front. For, as I said, there are many fronts, and so there are just as many ways to fight back. There is room for many battles, battles that must be fought in a war that will never be won by bitching, or pointing out what is wrong, but if not fought, can never be won, at all. We must look forward into the future, and make it ours.

So, which front will you take?

Have you minimized your pointless consumption and begun to prepare to take care of yourselves and your families? Have you looked into minimizing your exposure to financial markets and invest instead in tangible goods? Have you minimized debt? Have you looked into suspending your income tax withholding, in part or total, as a first step to dropping support for the federal reserve system and its corresponding inflationary tax? Have you started a letter writing campaign, or petition to recall a not so representative? Do you support foundations like the EFF who are willing to fight these battles in court, to protect freedom of speech and the rights of Habeas Corpus? Have you turned your TV off and started to look into things you want to learn, instead of what they want to program (teach) to you? Have you introduced yourself to a neighbor, or gone for a walk, or written an email to an old friend about what is concerning you? Have you looked into joining Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty, or Naomi Wolf's My America Project, or into getting involved in local political groups? Have you considered homeschooling your kids, or talked to someone who has? Have you looked into your rights as they relate to the police, and how best to respectfully assert those rights? Have you learned how to better cook for yourself, or preserve foods?

Have you thanked someone who is already fighting, if, even you once didnt know why?

Or will you stand, as you are, with your back to the front, as The End of America is pushed upon us?

There has been a coup,

They say,

And what,

Oh what,

Will you do?

Myself, id like to begin by thanking all those who have already begun to fight, the battle may be long, but deep down we must know:

~Libertas Quae Sera Tamen~

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