Friday, October 31, 2008

They don't get it.

They really don't.

I was going to relax on the whole blogging thing for a while, but I just read this story at WRSA, about some rather affluent people being afraid that maybe, just maybe, Obama might lose the election, and the republican evils would continue, erupting in mass protest and spilt blood, and I just, had, to comment.

The things they don't get is that every single one of the things that rank this Administration as one of the most abusive ever to be beset upon this country, are all things Barack Obama has been silent on.

Obama will not send the 1st BCT 3rd ID out of the US, nor will he act to dissolve the Command structure of the North American Theatre of War that is NORTHCOM

Obama will not rescind the Aug 28 declaration of a National State of Emergency.

Obama will not drastically revise or unclassify the nature of our "Continuity of Government" structure, its unprecedented grant of executive powers, and will most likely let it continue forever.

Obama not only will not act to rescind the forces authorized by the PATRIOT Act, as he voted for its extension, and he URGED the senate, on the floor, to pass it, and he even went so far as to name its essential writer his VP candidate.

He will not cease an illegal, unconstitutional, coercive wiretapping campaign, because he voted to pass the FISA bill and to concretely put it there, without the risk of citizens seeking redress in court.

You know how i know all this? Its not because i am psychic, but because he hasn't said he would, and if he was willing, he would have drug these skeletons out in to the open and painted himself as a hero setting off to slay an abusive totalitarian state. But he hasn't, and he continually dismisses any mention of it. And why? Because that leviathan state is what he voted for, It's secrecy and shadows are what he needs, and its abusive totalitarian power is what he craves.

He entered this campaign with a smoking gun, and all he could think of is how many bullets might be left in the magazine.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

And we so shamefully, still say "We Wont Get Fooled Again"

I do agree, I wouldnt be suprised at violence and bloodshed, mass protests and civil unrest if abuses such as these mentioned were to happen in the next administration. The difference is that it does not matter which despot holds the crown as he announces these measured destructions of principles such as Freedom and Responsibility, and that I am, in fact, suprised that it isnt happening now, in this administration, for the same reason.  

I guess thats the difference between Ideology and Principle.

I can only hope, that when change doesnt come, for what ever reason, these people will wake up, and see that if it can come, and i can only say it must, that it has to be them that creates it, the only way real change has ever come, from the bottom up, replacing those at the top.


Animum Debes Mutare, non Caelum

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