Thursday, May 1, 2008

Whatever Happened to Never Again?

The Above is a speculative map of known ICE DRO, FEMA, and Military personnel holding facilities in the United States, either Completed, Empty, In Use, or under construction in the United States. Click the image for a clearer view. My apologies for not having a link to the original interactive map.

The more precise among you will no doubt notice that it is in fact a bit pessimistic, some would even say paranoid. Its contents include every Federal Airfield and Military Base that has land that could be requestioned, according to existing domestic emergency procedure and regulation, into holding facilities. So to call every blip on this map a "Prison Camp" is a bit inflammatory. However, its not the facilities currently being used for other things that should concern you. Its the dozens of new projects, the hundreds of ICE DRO processing facilities that are being built, or have been built to expand the governments holding capabilities far beyond the capacity currently allowed for in emergency plans. The idea that an emergency plan allowing for the detention and processing of humans in hundreds of existing facilities is not enough, this is what should concern you. The rapid expansion of a prison system that is not connected directly to a court system, this should concern you.

Its true, not every one of these facilities are directly earmarked as holding and processing facilities, but now, there are nearly an equal number of permanent facilities that serve no other purpose. These facilities are not to be used only for emergencies, they are to stand as a permanent place in American life, with full time administration, and full time guards.

The less suspicious of you will note that the stated purpose of these facilities is not to wontonly round up millions of Americans and intern them. You would be correct, the stated purpose is to act to "protect the continuity of government" in times of emergency, and to assist in the “removal of all removable aliens.” (who is removable is simply a matter for lawyers to figure out im sure, Illegal, legal, who's to say...) So, as long as you not an illegal alien, or active dissident or insurectionist, or supporter of terrorism, you should have nothing to worry about right?

Ask yourself, how would you prove that you are an American Citizen in good standing, with no alliance to any insurrection or rebellion, when they come to arrest you and put you on a train to take you to one of what may be close to 600 known and marked prison camps, without charge, evidence, or trial? How will you PROVE it to them, and who will insure they accept your proof? No lawyers, no judges, just you, and the end of a gun.

Its true, it might never come to this dreadful "Endgame" (their term, not mine) and American civilians may not be rounded up en mass and shoved in processing facilities around the country. the government may well have no intention of suspending Habeus Corpus universally, targeting specific groups, placing them in large scale transports, and shipping them to holding facilities to remove their threat to the state, but then, why would you not be upset with the spending of millions upon millions of dollars on a program that would be best used in that exact manner? If you are not mad at the threat of a government deciding the necessity of throwing Americans into reprocessing camps to stabilize the government, shouldn't you be mad at a government that is wasting so much money and resources planning for exactly that scenario?

Suppose you have figured out how you would prove that you are an American Citizen in good standing, with no alliance to any insurrection or rebellion, and will be waiting for the teams, papers in hand.

Now ask yourself, how could you NOT ally yourself with ANY rebellion or insurrection in the face of a government that would think nothing of raiding, seizing and putting 11-15 million people on trains and shuttling them to "processing facilities"?

How many of those people do you think will leave? If you think its 11-15 million, you are either naive or id guess, illiterate. Read a book.

History, is on repeat.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Word of advice, if you get nothing else out of this, remember this: Dont get on the train.


gu said...

post, also very scary insight into what the elites have planned for those who don't want to go along with the NAU/NWO.


E. F. Samples said...

you can take the Minidoka Internment in Idaho off of the map. I live within thirty miles of it and have toured the site. Unless it is all underground, there is nothing constructed there. Just a few foundations.
I wonder what other "sites" are bogus as well.

jae said...

I see the video at the end of the post is 'no longer available'.....