Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day, 2008

100th post, and i hope everyone has a safe and fruitful election day.

I hope everyone out there is able to vote with principle, without constraint of ideology, and makes it home safe, knowing that they picked the right things to support, not the most popular.

Ill leave you today with a post from WRSA and hope everyone remembers that their work here is not done the minute after they walk out of the polls. There's something important at stake here, today, and every day hereafter.

  • Commenter Phelps in reply to Knox the Younger's Lesser's bleat:
    "What I want to know is, where are the Washingtons, Jeffersons, Adamses and Hancocks? Who do these Bozos think is going to lead the new America out of the ashes and back to its Constitutional glory, and why aren't these giants running for public office and leading the political revolution?"

    The new Washington is doing the same thing the old Washington was doing -- running his business after an honorable but otherwise undistinguished military stint.

    The new Jefferson is doing the same as the old Jefferson -- running a business, and taking up an epistolary hobby, only writing a blog this time.

    The new Adams is doing the same as the old Adams -- pursuing a law career, with some part of it dealing with issues of state and freedom.

    The new Hancock is doing the same thing as the old Hancock -- smuggling contraband (then, molasses for drugs, now probably the drugs themselves) and evading taxes and laundering money.

    The new Franklin is blogging and publishing columns, the new Sam Adams is getting pressured by the local authorities about how to run his bar, and the new Paul Revere is reading this comment, and reminding himself to buy some more ammunition this weekend, just in case.

    Let's roll.

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