Sunday, May 4, 2008

Its 1939 all over again.

It is 1939 all over again. The world waits helplessly for the next act of naked aggression by rogue states. Only this time the rogue states are not the Third Reich and Fascist Italy. They are the United States and Israel.

The targeted victims are not Poland and France, but Iran, Syria, the remains of the Palestinian West Bank and southern Lebanon.

So begins former assistant secretary of the treasury under Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts' scathing allegations of an American addiction to lies in the pursuit of america's, (and israel's) great manifest destiny.

Read Roberts' article in its entirety, HERE

Liberty is a two way street, and you cant hold a man down, without getting right down there yourself. Become free, or become the oppressor, but you will never do both, no matter what their constant barrage of lies might tell you.

The past is on repeat.

historia vitae magistra

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