Monday, May 12, 2008

Americans are Living and Dying in a Police State

Very good article at American Chronicle on the increasing use (40,000 times last year) of swat teams and what it means to public safety and liberty

SWAT teams were designed to deal with very violent individuals who represent a clear and present threat to the public. However, they are now being used to execute warrants on non-violent offenders and even those who have no prior criminal history at all. Turning our neighborhood cops into shock troops will do nothing but erode public confidence in the police and endanger the lives of innocent Americans.

Recently, Boston´s new police commissioner William Fitchet announced that the department´s Street Crimes Unit will begin wearing military-style black uniforms, to instill a sense of "fear." At last week´s city council meeting, police Sgt. John Delaney told council members that the black uniforms would send the message that officers were serious.

Did someone declare martial law?

Read the entire article, here:

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Vistonie said...

As I sit here there are at least 50 cops outside (not me for) a swat team, 3 wagons, and they just pulled up what looks like some sort of semi-truck... Who knows whats going on I wonder if I will see it on the news tomorrow